Stepping Back into the Past

Yesterday, the Grade 4 classes were treated to an amazing day at Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site. We spent the day re-enacting the fur trade! Each class played a different part in the story. We were the Piikani First Nation, and our guide took us through the forest along the river to teach us what life was like during the fur trade for this group. Other classes represented the Cree First Nation, the Metis, the Hudson Bay Company, and the NorthWest Company. We all met at the end of our day for trading. It was a fantastic way to gain a deeper understanding of this important time in Alberta’s history! Please check out your child’s digital portfolio for their reflection on this fabulous field trip.


Better Butter

It was a big day in 4Wa – we learned all about gears, and then made some butter! The small gear (12 cogs) turned the large gear (36 teeth), and that ratio made for light work. We appreciated the genius of the simple machine, and also the deliciousness of the final product! Check out our video below…

Warming Up to Worms

In Science, we’ve learned lots of ways to reduce waste. We visited the landfill this week, and we were amazed at the amount of trash thrown away by the people of central Alberta. Did you know the Red Deer Landfill takes in enough garbage EVERY DAY to fill 35 classrooms to the top? Our trash from Blackfalds ends up at that landfill, so we are thinking of ways to be responsible about our waste. You can check out your child’s 5R’s slideshow on Google Drive to see some of the great ideas they have for waste reduction.

One of the ways we work to reduce waste in our classroom is to compost our fruit and vegetable scraps. We have a worm bin in 4Wa, and every week we feed scraps to our worms to avoid throwing away so much at lunchtime. Today, we had a chance to get up-close and personal with our little wriggler friends! Some of us were a little uncomfortable, but mostly we were fascinated by the little compost-makers. Check out the pictures of our close encounters…

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Sunflower Splendour!

Take a look at the stunning artwork created by the talented artists of 4Wa this week. We spent the first few weeks of school surrounded by sunflowers cut from my garden, and then used those beauties as our inspiration for Art class. We used a white glue resist technique and then chalk pastels to create these amazing masterpieces!

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Meet Our Crew!

We are off to a wonderful start to the year. We have a great group of caring, thoughtful, hardworking students. I can’t wait to go on lots of learning adventures with this group! I would like to send a  very special welcome to our two new students, Nevin and Spencer. We are so glad you are on board with us! Let the learning begin…

Ready and Waiting

Welcome back to school! It’s going to be a wonderful year, and I can’t wait to get started on the learning and the fun. Please check this blog regularly for important updates, samples of student work, and a glimpse into our daily learning.