Adventure Awaits

We are so thrilled to welcome our new students to IRIC! Grade 4 is going to be a memorable and wonderful year – adventure awaits!

Grade 4 Teaching Team 2018-19: Mrs. Walton, Mrs. O’Neill, Mr. Libby, Miss Woitas



May Flowers, Inspired by O’Keeffe

Today we learned about the American artist, Georgia O’Keeffe. We have done several projects this year with oil pastels, but this is our first attempt at using chalk pastels. We are LOVING the way they blend!

Here are our works in progress. We cannot wait to see how beautiful they are when they’re finished!

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With Glowing Hearts

Our class is all caught up in Olympic Spirit this week! We kicked off the 2018 Pyeong Chang Games with a Canada dress-up day last week, and we’ve been eagerly watching the action at our break times. So far we love the daring snowboarders the best!

Check out our Winter Olympic Art from this week. Isn’t it extraordinary?


We are all extraordinary…

Today’s author visit with Corky Larsen-Jonasson, a First Nations elder, was just extraordinary. She taught us a little about her Cree culture, sharing circles, and smudging. She was moved to tears by the welcome she received here at IRIC, and she shared that our Cree Welcoming Song “Waniska”, which we use to open every music class, is one that her Kookum (grandmother) used to sing to her. We learned from her that the eagle, our IRIC mascot, is an important symbol in her culture for its strength, peace, and its connection to the creator. It soars high above the rest… we strive to do the same!

Thank you, Corky, for inspiring and teaching us today. It was a very special, memorable morning.

Arctic Light

Today our school had the lucky experience of listening to John Dunn. He shared his love of all things Arctic with us, and he wowed us with some spectacular pictures of Canada’s North.

After the presentation, we reflected on all of the things he shared that are connected to our Grade 4 learning. It was a powerful way to remind us that our world really isn’t very big after all.

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Happy Halloween!

We had a howling great day at school today. Incredible Halloween setting writing (coming soon to FreshGrade), some mystery math, an extraordinary assembly, and finally the Jack O’Lantern Jive! Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween – now remember to GET SOME SLEEP TONIGHT!