Art in the Open Air

Today was the last day before the May long weekend. What a day! We began with bellies full of pancakes, and the day just kept getting better. This afternoon, there were several students missing. We decided to make the best of it and headed outside for some nature art and exploration. Students made spontaneous connections to Social Studies and Science, and they got creative with some items found in the schoolyard. We are thinking these creations might be perfect for a class “I Spy” book! Stay tuned…


For the past 5 weeks, our class has enjoyed the company of a student teacher from RDC. Ms Carritt came to our classroom filled with joy and optimism, and she showed tremendous growth as a student teacher. She connected with each student, she learned lots of new things, and she was never afraid to try something new. She left us with the idea of choosing work that is “challenging but not frustrating”, and she helped us to realize that we are capable of great things.

We will miss her… but we know she is going to be an extraordinary teacher some day. Good luck as you finish your degree, Ms Carritt!