Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge

Studies show that reading is the single most important skill that children develop. This year, our grade 4 class is participating in a reading challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to develop silent and oral reading skills, to improve comprehension, and to broaden each student’s repertoire and love of reading. Often students continually read the same type or series of books, and are reluctant to try something new or challenging to them. This challenge will help us to broaden our horizons and build confidence. We will also have a chance to develop a community of readers and share our favorites with each other. It’s going to be an exciting journey!

Each student will be striving to read 25 books this year, which can be read during class time or at home. These books will be from a variety of genres as outlined below. Books can be found in our classroom, at the library, or on personal bookshelves.  Some students may choose to read aloud, while others will prefer reading to self. Students will keep track of their books at school, and complete a short reader response activity after each book. (Any books read at home will need to be brought to school when they are finished to complete the activity.)

Realistic Fiction -5

Historical Fiction – 2        

Fantasy – 4

Mystery – 2

** All of the above fiction selections will be chapter books, but length may vary **

Poetry – 2

Non-fiction – 5

Biography – 1

Humour/Jokes – 1

Reader’s Choice – 3

It’s time to get started – we have a lot of reading to do! Please note that our library day is Tuesday this year. Thank you for supporting your child’s love of reading.

Mrs. Walton


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