Language Arts

Grade 4 students are encouraged to develop their love of reading by choosing a wide variety of books from home, our classroom collection, and the library. We will use Daily Cafe as a means of developing literacy skills this year. Our skill focus will be on comprehension and fluency, with activities in retelling, predicting, visualizing, and making connections to personal experiences. Many strategies will be practiced as students work toward their individualized reading goals. Students will be introduced to a variety of genres in the Grade 4 Reading Challenge program, including fantasy, realistic fiction, poetry, mystery, non-fiction, and humour. Grade 4Wa will be working toward a reading goal of reading 25 books from a variety of genres. More information will follow on this challenge.

Writing will be a daily activity in Grade 4. Students will write stories, journals, poems, letters, and news articles in addition to writing projects and reports throughout the year. They will learn to revise and edit their work and to identify effective writing done by others. Our class will use Chromebooks daily to enhance the writing process. Be sure to check out your child’s Google Drive and Fresh Grade portfolioregularly to see how their writing develops, and please leave comments on their work. We’d love to hear from you!




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