Color Wheel Trees


A beautiful new Art wall has been created in 4Wa. We have extraordinary artists in our room, and this gorgeous display adds a splash of colour to our boring wall. You can check out our work at Parent-Teacher Interviews this week. I hope to see you all there!


This week the students of IRIC have been working hard to make a class promise. We read a few books to spark our imagination, and then we did some thinking about what is really important to us. Now we plan to use our promise to help solve problems as they arise in our classroom. Check out the photo to see what we came up with!


At today’s assembly each class shared their promise and celebrated the community we are building at IRIC. What an extraordinary afternoon!


WELCOME TO IRIC! It has been a whirlwind of excitement as we got ready to welcome students to our beautiful new school. We are all so lucky to learn and grow in such an inviting and exciting place! Just come on in to visit; you can feel the energy in every room.

In 4Wa we have been busy getting to know each other. We already know we are going to have an extraordinary year!


Stepping Back into the Past

Yesterday, the Grade 4 classes were treated to an amazing day at Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site. We spent the day re-enacting the fur trade! Each class played a different part in the story. We were the Piikani First Nation, and our guide took us through the forest along the river to teach us what life was like during the fur trade for this group. Other classes represented the Cree First Nation, the Metis, the Hudson Bay Company, and the NorthWest Company. We all met at the end of our day for trading. It was a fantastic way to gain a deeper understanding of this important time in Alberta’s history! Please check out your child’s digital portfolio for their reflection on this fabulous field trip.


Better Butter

It was a big day in 4Wa – we learned all about gears, and then made some butter! The small gear (12 cogs) turned the large gear (36 teeth), and that ratio made for light work. We appreciated the genius of the simple machine, and also the deliciousness of the final product! Check out our video below…