Patterns and Relations

Students are beginning to work on patterns in Math class. This is a natural introduction to our Multiplication unit; after all, multiplying is just using number patterns!

Encourage your child to look for patterns everywhere – in art, nature, even in the grocery store!

Here is the language that we will be using for patterns: “Start at ____, and ________ by ____ each time.”

For example, “Start at 4 and increase by 4 each time” is the pattern to describe the x4 times table. Please reinforce the use of this language at home in Math.

Click on the links below for some great Patterns practice sites:

Balloon Pop game

ABCya Patterns game

Cyberchase Hackers game

A few challenging ones:

It’s a Bit Nutty game

Funbrain Number Hacker game

Math Nook Pattern games



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