Adding and Subtracting Larger Numbers

In Grade 4, we work with numbers up to 9 999. Students will need to add and subtract four-digit numbers using strategies that work for them.

DON’T BE ALARMED! If your child seems to be doing the problems differently than you were taught, that is perfectly OK. Research has shown that children truly learn better when they understand their strategy. Telling kids to “just carry the 1” or to “cross out the 0 and put in a 10” will not help them to understand what that truly means. Strategies like number lines, hundreds charts, and base-ten blocks are perfectly acceptable strategies in grade 4. These simple strategies actually show a good understanding of how number operations work. 

That being said, however, it is important for students to build automaticity through practice so that they know their basic facts. 4-digit addition can be time-consuming and frustrating if a child does not automatically know 7+5. If you would like to help support your child at home, practice the basics so that he or she is ready to use the strategies we are doing at school.

Please click to find links that will help build basic addition, subtraction, and mental math skills. Have fun, and enjoy learning a few new strategies from your child!


One thought on “Adding and Subtracting Larger Numbers

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