We are all extraordinary…

Today’s author visit with Corky Larsen-Jonasson, a First Nations elder, was just extraordinary. She taught us a little about her Cree culture, sharing circles, and smudging. She was moved to tears by the welcome she received here at IRIC, and she shared that our Cree Welcoming Song “Waniska”, which we use to open every music class, is one that her Kookum (grandmother) used to sing to her. We learned from her that the eagle, our IRIC mascot, is an important symbol in her culture for its strength, peace, and its connection to the creator. It soars high above the rest… we strive to do the same!

Thank you, Corky, for inspiring and teaching us today. It was a very special, memorable morning.



For the past 5 weeks, our class has enjoyed the company of a student teacher from RDC. Ms Carritt came to our classroom filled with joy and optimism, and she showed tremendous growth as a student teacher. She connected with each student, she learned lots of new things, and she was never afraid to try something new. She left us with the idea of choosing work that is “challenging but not frustrating”, and she helped us to realize that we are capable of great things.

We will miss her… but we know she is going to be an extraordinary teacher some day. Good luck as you finish your degree, Ms Carritt!



This week the students of IRIC have been working hard to make a class promise. We read a few books to spark our imagination, and then we did some thinking about what is really important to us. Now we plan to use our promise to help solve problems as they arise in our classroom. Check out the photo to see what we came up with!


At today’s assembly each class shared their promise and celebrated the community we are building at IRIC. What an extraordinary afternoon!


WELCOME TO IRIC! It has been a whirlwind of excitement as we got ready to welcome students to our beautiful new school. We are all so lucky to learn and grow in such an inviting and exciting place! Just come on in to visit; you can feel the energy in every room.

In 4Wa we have been busy getting to know each other. We already know we are going to have an extraordinary year!