Sunflower Splendour!

Take a look at the stunning artwork created by the talented artists of 4Wa this week. We spent the first few weeks of school surrounded by sunflowers cut from my garden, and then used those beauties as our inspiration for Art class. We used a white glue resist technique and then chalk pastels to create these amazing masterpieces!

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Masterpieces in Progress…

This week in Art we are working on trees with geometric designs. The students were so hard at work I couldn’t even get them to look up for a picture! Stay tuned for our finished creations later this week…

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Building Stamina

Amazing things are happening in 4Wa! Now that nearly 2 months of school are finished, we have been showing huge gains in reading and writing. Students are working diligently on their Reading Challenges, and most students are using capital letters more confidently in their writing.

I am so proud of our class for the stamina they have built during reading and writing time. We are all now able to spend 20 minutes of uninterrupted time on Read to Self and Work on Writing,  and we are ready to challenge ourselves to go for even longer. Way to go, 4Wa students!

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Power of Persuasion

In Grade 4 we have spent the last month or so learning about an author’s purpose for writing. We’ve learned all about P – I – E! (That means Persuade, Inform, or Entertain) After enjoying listening to lots of books and discussing the author’s purpose, we have delved a little deeper into persuasive writing.

While we are busy working on a fantastic persuasive essay, we have also been practicing our convincing skills in class. We have worked in partners to practice persuading our moms and dads to stay up late or get a new iPod (sorry, parents!) and have also tried out debating issues that are current for Grade 4 students. Below are some pictures of us in our heated debates!

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You can check out our progress in Persuasive Writing by checking out your child’s project on Google Drive. Please feel free to comment on this blog post or on their assignment!


For Social Studies in 4Wa this week, we have been focusing on the people and the places that have made Alberta famous for fossils. We want to deepen our understanding of these people (such as  Joseph Tyrrell and Dr. Philip Currie) as well as important places (such as the Royal Tyrrell Museum), so Mr. Kenney is going to direct the students in a WebQuest on Wednesday. This partner project will be a great learning time for the students, as well as time to work with their Chromebooks. The following two links will help the students to be successful in completing the WebQuest.


Landfill Learning

Today our Grade 4 students visited the Red Deer Landfill as an extension of our Science unit on Waste in Our World. The landfill delivers a great program where students can see all the parts of the facility, engage in small group learning, and even drive on the garbage in a cell! We are always impressed when the students demonstrate how much they have learned in Science class, and how much they like to learn more about waste management.  What a fantastic experience!


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