Which apps should I get? Which ones are appropriate for Grade 4? Which ones will help me learn? Which ones are free?

These are questions I hear all the time. Now that we are bringing our own devices to school as learning tools, it is important to share our favorites and ideas with each other. Below is a list of apps that are great for learning.  These ones should be on your device before you bring it! (Remember, we do not require any paid apps; always look for the free version if possible!) PLEASE COMMENT BELOW TO ADD MORE APP SUGGESTIONS THAT WILL ENHANCE OUR LEARNING!

School-suggested apps

All students need a QR code scanner on their device (as long as it has a camera). Choose any free scanner and it will work. Here is one example:

qr scan

Other great ones for Grade 4:

Mathmateer Free

Scrabble Blast





Not everyone has a device, so we are always looking for websites on the computer that give us the same learning opportunities. Check out the links below:


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