Hush… The Winter Wonderland Has Arrived!

In 4Wa, we LOVE art class! This week we explored light and shadows with pencil crayons to create these beautiful snow people. Light and Shadow will be explored further in Grade 4 Science, but this was a cool way to start thinking about it!  We used mostly shades of blue and some white to create the effect of light shining on the snowmen.  The students were inspired by the art in Snowmen at Night and Snowmen at Christmas, and then tried their hand at creating their own masterpieces. This was a quick and simple project, but they sure turned out beautiful!

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One thought on “Hush… The Winter Wonderland Has Arrived!

  1. Mrs. Walton your classes art work is amazing, each one is beautiful in its own way. I remember doing awesome projects like this in grade 4!

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