A Season of Giving

Heading towards the month of December is a great time to think about how lucky we all are, and to consider sharing with those less fortunate.

The Grade 4 service project is underway, and all donations are appreciated. The collection deadline for these items is December 1st.

 Thanks in advance for your continued generosity!

  • socks

  • hats

  • mitts

  • non-perishable food items (granola bar, fruit bars etc)

  • toothbrush

  • toothpaste

  • travel size shampoo

  • toilet paper

In addition, our school as a whole participates in another important service initiative. Please see the details below.


Let’s Have a Loonie Toonie Christmas

It’s a giving time of year and students and staff at Iron Ridge Elementary Campus are ready and willing to participate in the Blackfalds Christmas Bureau.

Each class from ECS to Grade 4 will accept donations (loonies and toonies) from their students. These donations will be made instead of classroom gift exchanges on the last day of school before Christmas.

To support the Blackfalds Christmas Bureau, IREC would like your contributions by Monday, December 8th. We do see that donations are used to make Christmas better for children, families, and seniors in the Blackfalds community.

Bonus: For every $1.00 donated by a student they will receive a ticket and be entered into a raffle for prime front- row seating for the Christmas concerts. A Kindergarten family on December 9th, and a Grade One Family on December 10th will get front- row seats for their concerts. On December 11th a Grade Two family, a Grade Three family and a Grade Four family will get front row seats for their concerts. (maximum of 6 seats per family).

This is a great activity for students as they help to make Christmas more enjoyable for someone less fortunate while they in turn learn how to be good citizens of the world. When we synergize and work together we can do great things.


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