Recycling Plastic – NOW We Get It!

For the past several weeks in Science, we have been learning all about Waste and Our World. We’ve learned all sorts of great things about how to better manage our waste and how to keep our world greener. Still, there were a lot of students who were stumped by recycling. They knew that they are supposed to put things in the blue bin, but thought that those items just got rinsed out and reused again right away. UNTIL TODAY.

Mr. Overacker is the owner of a plastic recycling company in Lacombe. He gave us the gift of his time and expertise this afternoon, and brought in some materials to help us understand better what recycling really means. We learned that the plastic from oil containers is brought in, chopped into little bits, and washed. It is sent far away (to Ontario or even Shanghai) to complete its transformation into new plastic deck boards! What a great example of recycling something that would otherwise end up in the landfill. 

Now we have seen why recycling is so important, and we know a lot more about it. Science sure is cool!

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