5R’s and What We Can Do About It!

In Science, our class has been learning all about Waste and Our World. We have discovered that there are lots of different types of waste, and we know that we can be part of the solution! Today in class we analyzed 2 different examples of wasteful packaging. We were shocked and amazed at how much material has to go into the garbage every time we buy something! This led to a discussion about REFUSE, which is one of the 5 R’s. We can REFUSE to buy certain items just because they produce too much garbage! Ask your child which items in your cupboard might need to be refused next time.

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We have also been working hard on a Google Slides presentation about the 5R’s. Please ask your child to share this presentation with you and give  a little bit of feedback. Most of the presentations are excellent! (You can access these through any internet-connected computer. Just go to the school website and make sure to enter your child’s wolfcreek email address. Most of these are in the following format: lastname.firstinitial@wolfcreek.ab.ca)

Tomorrow we head to the landfill to experience more about Waste and see the 5R’s in action. We can’t wait!


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