Exploring the Great Outdoors

This month in PE our classes have been trying out something completely new – Orienteering.  This activity allows students to apply the mapping skills learned in Social Studies as they try to “orient” themselves and figure out which way to go. Students work with a partner to find clues hidden all over our schoolyard, and must work as a team to try to complete the course as quickly as they can. What a great way to get fit and enjoy some fresh air! We’ve been doing Orienteering a couple of times a week, and hope to continue until the snow flies (again)!

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Our next outdoor adventure takes place tomorrow when our students will participate in the annual IREC Terry Fox Run. This is a special school-wide event that raises funds for cancer research in the name of a true Canadian hero. Our school goal this year is to raise $5000; please keep those donations rolling in! If we reach our goal this year, our students will certainly be entertained…. there will be a staff fashion show (with outfits and accessories provided by their lovely and creative students). We can’t wait to see everyone strutting down the catwalk, especially Mr. W. in his glory.

Finally, our Fall Frenzy takes place on October 17. We are in need of some parent helpers in the afternoon to run stations as our whole school takes to the field for some fun fall fitness stations. This event is always lots of fun, and it’s another way to get out and enjoy the beautiful Alberta fall weather! If you can help us out that day, please let Mrs. Walton know right away. Now… let’s get outside and explore the great outdoors!


6 thoughts on “Exploring the Great Outdoors

  1. I LOVE this skill you’re teaching the kids; hopefully Sloane can help me find my way when I get lost! When tends to happen. A lot. I know Sloane has REALLY been enjoying orienteering as well!

  2. Dear Mrs Walton I had a blast in orienteering! The reason I loved it was because you got to use a map

    your student Logan

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