Heading in the Right Direction!

We’ve had a busy first week here in 4Wa! Students are settling in well and learning the routines, and we are starting to get used to being back at school. Thank you to all students and parents who have filled out and returned the many forms sent home on the first day; if you have not send them back yet, please do! I am excited to see how many of you are already following this blog, and also to see lots of you signing up for text reminders on Remind. A test message will be sent out in the next few days.

Our first Social Studies topic this year is the geography of Alberta. Before we can delve into it, we needed a refresher on maps and directions. We started out with a little general brainstorming about maps, went outside to practice our directions, and even played a rousing game of “Ship, Shore, Sink” in outdoor PE to put it all into action. It was so much fun! Our map skills will definitely be needed as we try out Orienteering as our next PE activity. Stay tuned!

IMG_2844 IMG_2853


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