Making The Best of It

First: the bad news. Today, we had to cancel our field trip to the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller. Mother Nature was not on our side, and the road conditions made the travel potentially unsafe. After many sad faces and even a few tears, we began to face the day and look on the bright side.

Now: the good news. The Royal Tyrrell Museum REALLY wants us to come and visit. We have rescheduled our field trip for Thursday, April 3!

We tackled a 2-part art project that uses our knowledge of warm and cool colors to create stunning cityscapes. Here are some photos of our artists at work. Stay tuned for the finished products – and save a spot for this on your fridge, parents!

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2 thoughts on “Making The Best of It

  1. Even though we did not go to the muesum today we still won. Because today we had a day of fun and we still get to go to the muesum!

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