Science Sites

We are hard at work in 4Wa learning all about Simple Machines. Here are some great interactive websites that can help extend our learning. When you have tried out some of these activities, please leave a comment at the bottom to show which you liked best (and WHY). Have fun exploring the world of Science!



Simple Machines Crossword

Simple Machines Challenge

Park Puzzler

Robot Factory

Clown Site


23 thoughts on “Science Sites

  1. I liked simple machines challenge because you had control over your character and you got to choose witch item you think would work. I had a bit of trouble with one of them but it was fun.


  2. Dear Mrs.Walton,
    I really enjoyed the Simple Machines activity because you get to play as a cute little creature named twitch and go on these little quests to get parts. It is really fun and you still get a bit of a chuckle while playing.

  3. I liked the robot factory one it had lots of information. It also was fun to because you got to make a robot. from Noah

  4. Dear Mrs Walton
    I liked the Robot Factory best. Because you can make a robot well learning more about simple machines.

  5. Dear Mrs.Walton I really loved Edheads . It was a little tricky finding the 10 simple machines and a little hard figuring out the quiz as well it was like an I spy book.

  6. Dear Mrs. Walton. My favorite game was simple machines cross word. Because you had to use a hole bunch of different simple machines to stop the robber

    From your student Braden

  7. my favorite game was simple machines challenge. because you got to control your guy. and It also tout me allot.

  8. hi miss.w my favorite game was robot factory. because you got to build a robot that would do the chores. ps i would die for one of those

  9. Hi Miss.W I liked the game Edhead it was super fun. It was the only game that I liked.
    from your friend and student:

  10. Hey miss.w my favorite game was simple machines because I get to help the little dude find it way though what thing a showroom.


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