Working Up a Snowshoe Sweat!

Today was our first day of snowshoeing in Grade 4. What great exercise! We all learned how to put on our own set of snowshoes, how to move in different ways, and how to put them away properly. We also learned that snowshoeing is hard work! Please pay attention to the agenda messages for when the next showshoe adventure will be…

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20 thoughts on “Working Up a Snowshoe Sweat!

  1. I remember snow shoeing its so fun. We dont do it in grade 5 witch I think is quite sad. In grade 5 the substitute for my class for snowshoeing is dancing and the dance that we do is th waltz so here’s how it works the teacher turns on the music and she”ll say either boys ask girls or girls ask boys.For example if it was boys ask girls then the boys (to get a good grade) have to ask a girl or their grade go’s down then you take each others hands and you start to dance its as easy as that.

    Well bye for now

    • Great to hear from you, Gabriela! I hope you are enjoying everything about Grade5. We sure miss you around here! My class still has lots of snowshoeing left to do this year, and I can’t wait to teach them some fun snowshoe games.
      Mrs. W.

  2. Its great to hear from you too! Grade 5 is challenge but lots of fun! Im so happy I got Mrs.Mykietiak shes so much fun. I love our our gym units. The 1st unit we did was volley ball and the2nd unit we did was dance oh loved that unit. We got a group of 3,4,5 and we chose a song to dance to then we made up the moves and went from there. The kids who were in my group were Kayl Spiller,Kirsten Read,Jarret Brownell and me Gabriela Horjus. The song my group did was T.N.T by ACDC. It was challenging to make up moves but lots’s of fun.

    Talk To You Soon

  3. I am upset I could not go snow shoeing because I forgot my snow pants. It looks fun!
    Oh and I had a cold so I had to stay in. Next time I will remember my snow pants !


  4. Dear Mrs.Walton,
    Snowshoeing was amazing.After I pulled them off
    then it felt like I was walking on air.Snowshoeing was fun walking around the field
    the hard part about walking around was walking in the new snow.

  5. Snowshoeing is fun! but when you fall it is not fun.We played some game.It is fun playing with your friends well playing games.

  6. When we were snowshoeing i was walking with Hannah and we saw Jeremy walking the other way .We called miss Shelly said he was fine so we kept on walking.

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