For Social Studies in 4Wa this week, we have been focusing on the people and the places that have made Alberta famous for fossils. We want to deepen our understanding of these people (such as  Joseph Tyrrell and Dr. Philip Currie) as well as important places (such as the Royal Tyrrell Museum), so Mr. Kenney is going to direct the students in a WebQuest on Wednesday. This partner project will be a great learning time for the students, as well as time to work with their Chromebooks. The following two links will help the students to be successful in completing the WebQuest.





4 thoughts on “Webquest

  1. I liked the web quest. I heard we were going on a field trip to the Royal Tyrrell Museum is that true? I guess I will have to find out. By the way I love to collect little fossils of shells, so this subject is very fun for me! I am exited to find out all about fossils.


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