Building Community

The students of 4Wa were given a challenge that involved taking care of their pencils, and 27/27 students earned the prize today. I am proud of them for respect personal property and looking after their supplies!

We decided to choose a healthy prize that also promoted respect for each other. Each student selected a mandarin orange with a word written on it, and gave the orange to a classmate that they felt best matched the word. This activity allowed each student to feel respected, valued, and familiar to someone else in our classroom community. It was a great way to begin the week – and the citrus smell in our classroom was refreshing, too!

Which one of these words do you feel best describes YOU?



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7 thoughts on “Building Community

  1. My word was smiley.My class thought I was smiley.
    I thought its a good and healthy for the class and a good treat for the class.

  2. My orange said healthy. I think if there was an orange with weird on it it should have been mine. My orange was really bitter. I enjoyed it any way.
    Merry Christmas Sephira

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