Hilarious Haunting Halloween

In Grade 4, we had a wonderful day of haunting and hilarity. The costumes this year were OUTSTANDING – and all students dressed up! Check out some of our amazing outfits below.

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We experimented with all different types of Halloween writing, played a place value game, enjoyed some GHOST games in the gym, and had some time working on classroom Halloween activities. It was a ghoulish good time!

Have a safe and happy Halloween night….


8 thoughts on “Hilarious Haunting Halloween

  1. Hi Mrs.Walton,
    Wow, I still can believe how much fun we had that day.
    Remind you of anything,”Wow how does your mouth move?,Wow that’s a cool mask!,Can I try it on?

  2. When I came to school In my costume I am always scared that other people will have the same costume as me. And Lucas had a scary costume actully everybody had a scary costume!

  3. Wow great costumes people some of the costumes were scary and some of them were cool and some of them were none scary.

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