Terry Fox – His Legacy Lives

There’s something special about the Terry Fox Run day at IREC. Each year, the sun shines on us as we take to the field. We run together, laugh together, show leadership with younger students, and have a wonderful time. We always manage to push ourselves a little harder than we thought was possible! One student said he felt “parched but proud”; this is a perfect way to describe our day.

Thank you to all 4Wa students for remembering OUR TEAM promise today, and for standing together as a class in the battle against cancer. I think Terry Fox would be proud of us, don’t you?


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5 thoughts on “Terry Fox – His Legacy Lives

  1. Hi 4Wa

    I am excited for bubble ball Bonanza.
    I bet it will be fun and funny and awesome.
    You friend from 3sb

  2. Dear Mrs.Walton,
    I had such a blast with all my friends!
    Funny story, last year there was a trio taking pictures of us and all my friends including me did the jump for joy, it is where you jump and put your legs behind your back as well as your hands and you land on your FEET but I landed on my FACE!
    (I think they got that on camera.)

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