Biography Showcase

There was a different kind of buzz in the Grade 4 classrooms at IREC today – part excitement, part nervousness, a dash of giddiness… but mostly proud anticipation. The big day was finally here!

Students have been working for weeks on the final writing project of Grade 4 – The Biography. With the main objective of Writing to Inform, students were asked to choose any person, living or historical, to research and share with their classmates. We had a huge variety of subjects chosen, including Charlie Chaplin, Ben Franklin, Alexander Mackenzie, Emily Carr, Chris Hadfield, and Princess Diana, to name just a few. We also had many famous athletes and entertainers chosen by our students.

The assignment was quite simple: choose your person, find out some facts about him/her, prepare a visual or written project of any format, and then present and share your learning with your peers.

The day was a huge success. The students were thrilled to share with each other, and our only regret was that there was not more time to strut our stuff! Please watch for your child’s project to come home in the next few days. They will be happy to share with you!

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One thought on “Biography Showcase

  1. very innovative! wish I had you for my grade 4 many ideas to promote learning that involve the students to learn not just the subject but other things as well research..prep for a presentation..public speaking etc. you never fail to amaze me….thanks for sharing ..

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