Farm Safety

Today our Grade 4 class participated in the Alberta Farm Safety program. Though few of our students live on a farm, most spend time outside, go camping, or visit farms and acreages on a regular basis.An expert came to our classroom to give a presentation on all kinds of potential risks, such as ice and water safety, things to keep beside the phone, tractor safety, info to share if you are going outside (like where you are going and when you’ll be back),  protecting your hearing, and proper use of seatbelts and restraints in all kinds of vehicles.

We were also reminded about the golden rule of riding ANYTHING – One Seat, One Rider. This rule is a great thing to keep in mind when riding bicycles, horses, tractors, and especially quads and ATV’s. Many students shared that they often ride on the back of a quad with another rider (usually their parent), and they were surprised to learn that this is NOT safe. Unless a quad is specially designed to be for 2 people, it is only safe for one person to ride it! IMG_1112

Each student received prizes on the theme, “It Could Happen To Me”.  The farm safety booklet will be sent home, and the pencils will be used at school. Please ask your child about this informative presentation today!


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