TERRIFIC Tyrrell Trip!

Last week our class had the extraordinary experience of visiting the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Our students were amazed and excited, and they thoroughly impressed the museum staff with their knowledge and their thoughtful questions. Check out the video below to see a snapshot of our day!

Good Copy of Tyrrell 2013.

Once we got back to school, the students used acrylic paint to jazz up their fossil casts. They are imaginative and colorful, don’t you think?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This trip also sparked some new learning in our student blogs. We learned how to create a word cloud using Tagxedo and insert it as a picture into a blog post, and we are currently working on using the Videolicious or Pixntell app to create a slide show with our voices attached. EXCELLENT work on technology this week, 4Wa!

Please head over to our WALTON1213 Kidblogs to see our creations.


3 thoughts on “TERRIFIC Tyrrell Trip!

  1. Hi 4W-I am sure your trip to the Royal Trryrell Museum was a fun one. It doesn’t surprise me that you all impressed the museum staff, you are a great group of kids!

    Your fossil casts look great, especially with the colorful paint.

    How was the bus trip?

    Mr. W.

    • Hi Mr.W the bus ride was long and warm . I would get bored then be ok.Here are some things I did: I wrote in my journal, then I listened to music, and last but not least I talked to Gaby.We talked about what we think would happen while we were at the museum.


  2. Do we get to go to the royal Tyrrell museum and when will we go.
    I have lots of rocks and fossils in my room.
    My sister showed me some things from when she went to it.

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