Missing Mrs. Park

Mrs. Park, our EA extraordinaire, has been away for a few weeks recovering from a broken arm. We have REALLY missed her!

Hannah: I miss seeing her  smiling face in the morning.I miss her!

Braylie: I miss when you’re there to help me when I need!

Lexi: I really miss telling you all my stories in the morning when you would stand by the front door.

Tyler: I miss you because you are not correcting my spelling.

Ryley: I miss you because you help me when i need help.

Cody: I miss you  because you help me with my math.

Kirsten: I miss you reading with me and helping me with my work.

Austin: Mrs.park I miss you helping me with my math,I miss your warm heart making me smile every day , Hope you get well soon!

Mason: Mrs.park I really miss how you help us with questions.

Caydince: I really miss you I wish you can come back soon please

Ethan:I really miss you because you complete the class.

Chase C:I miss you helping Mrs. Walton.

Foxx: I miss your smiling face helping us your the best at what you do go Mrs. Park.

Davis: Mrs. Park I miss you making me laugh.

Mackenzie: I miss Mrs.Park Telling me to have a good night.

Kalisha: I miss you because you make a great day.

Gabriela: We miss you so much! Hope you come back to school soon.

Susie:I miss you helping me with some math when I need help.

Colton: I miss you coming to check on my recess chart and giving me thumbs up.

Aidan: I miss giving you hugs 😦

Morgan: I miss helping you during bus time.

Matthew: I miss seeing  your smile and you saying hi to me in the morning.

Hayley:  I miss you so much when you come back will your cast be gone?

Corben: I miss your smiling face.

Hurry Back – 4Wa is not the same without you…


6 thoughts on “Missing Mrs. Park

  1. 4WA, Thank you so much! I miss each and everyone of you to! This post made me cry! I am working really hard to come back for Monday. My cast will still be on for another few weeks. I do get another one on next Wednesday. The first one I had was green, this one I have now is blue. You can help me decide what colour I should get next. I am going to miss your field trip, which makes me very sad. I hope you all have the best day! See you all on Monday! Have a great trip to the Museum and weekend!

    Mrs. Park

  2. I missed her warm heart making me smile and laugh. Are class wasn’t complete without Mrs.Park! I love seeing her smiling face

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