The Audience is Listening….

Today was a big day in 4Wa. We began our own student blogs! The lab was buzzing with excitement and the ideas were flying. I could barely keep up with the pending requests to publish! To access our student blogs, just click on the last link in our Blogroll: Walton 1213 student blogs.

Kidblog is a great blogging platform. We chose it because it is similar to wordpress (which is the one I use for our class), and there are lots of great security features built right in. Your child will not be able to make a post unless I approve it first. Today we discussed what makes a good post, which was a great opportunity to revisit digital citizenship and online safety. All comments will also require teacher approval, so I can ensure that comments are respectful, appropriate, and from a trustworthy source.

PLEASE take the time to comment on your child’s blog posts as often as possible. (Be sure to sign it or it may not be approved!) It is important to the children that their audience is listening, and they will be encouraged to write more if you are a part of the process.  I hope that this will help you to stay in even closer touch with your child’s learning. Students are allowed to blog from home, and can even blog directly from their iPods. You can download the free Kidblog app at any time.

Have fun with this – all the children are very eager to write! More posts will be arriving on Friday.



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