Expanded Form

This week we are beginning our study of Place Value in Math. In Grade 4, we work with numbers up to 10 000. WOW – big numbers!

One of the things we need to know how to do is to write and represent numbers in many ways, such as pictures, numerals, and words. We also need to write numbers in expanded form.


Please check out the links below for some fun activities. For your comments this week, tell me which link/game is your favorite for practicing place value. Don’t forget to tell why you like it!








26 thoughts on “Expanded Form

  1. My fave game was the math man its like pack man but funner! I like this game because it helps me understand place value chart math like 100+0+8 the anwser is 108 its fun simple and its pretty much pack man but math man! 🙂

  2. I loved playing hppt://abcya.com/base_ten_fun.htm, Because i like making the right numbr then it telling you if you are right!I also like learning place value different ways.

  3. i loved playing comparing number value.I liked all the other games to. I liked it because it lets you have a little break after .

  4. My favorite game was math man it is just like pac man.I liked it because it shows you how to realize the stratagy’s of three or four digits.It is really fun somtimes when “math” is put into it is kind of fun but somtimes not. It helps us grade 4 kids and all the other kids understnd place value.An example is 900+90+9 is 999!

    • Hayley, this is an excellent example of explaining why you like the game. I can see your math learning about expanded notation. Way to go!
      Mrs. W.

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