Colorful Cities

In art this week we have been exploring colour. We learned about primary and secondary colours, complimentary colours, and warm vs. cool colours.

We are hard at work on our Colourful 3-D Cities, using tempera paint and sharpie. Here are some photos of us in action!

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8 thoughts on “Colorful Cities

  1. Hi Mrs.Walton. I like the art project you chose for last week. It was very neat I really enjoed it.I even made my own at my house and showed my mom and dad. They said WOW! I made my own when we just started making them. When my grandma and grandpa came over they said who did this? And thought it was amazing!

    • Susie, I am so glad you loved the project. I really like the way they turned out! Can you send me a picture of your at-home masterpiece? Mrs. W.

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