Geocaching in the Cold

Today’s Blog Post is brought to you by Caydince, Braylie, and Ethan!

It was so interesting and fun I think that anybody around the world would have fun doing this!Braylie.

It was so cold but  had so much fun!!! Caydince.

Where we went to find the geocaches?  In Blackfalds. Ethan.

Our class went to seek and maintain two of the geocaches set out by last year’s class. Using the geocaching app for iphone, we tracked the caches on the map and then replaced log books and rehid them. What a fun outdoor activity!

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7 thoughts on “Geocaching in the Cold

  1. Hi Grade 4Wa,

    Geocaching is fun! It’s a great outdoor activity to do in any season. What is your favourite part of geocaching?

    Mrs. Schlemko 🙂

  2. Geocaching is really fun! I my self do geocaching. My sister wants to know where Tree hugger is!! I told her one day we will go and find it. She can’t wait!

  3. Mrs.Walton,
    So your telling me that you did it in the snow last year?
    Why cant we do it in the snow this year?

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