“Let’s Lick Her…!”

Today was a day like no other at IREC. After being splatted by whipped cream pies, courtesy of Davis, Gabriela, and Hayley, I headed back to my class at the back of the gathered crowd. I could barely hear through my shower cap covered in whipped cream, but I did overhear one sweet and thoughtful student say to another, ‘Let’s lick her!” Well, that is  a first – and I did not let them taste, not even when they begged!

My other favorite comment came from Caydince, who looked me up and down before stating, “Mrs. Walton…. you look….. yummy”. Thanks, Caydince – I think!

Our students have a lot to celebrate. They outdid themselves again this year, smashing the goal of raising $4000 for the Terry Fox Foundation to fund cancer research. At last count, we were at just over $7000! Way to go, IREC. Your school spirit shines through each October when we have this event. Be proud!

I am waiting for pictures of the big event from others, as I was busy being splatted behind the Angry Birds sign. Stay tuned – I will post pictures soon.

 This is truly a time to be thankful for all we have, and I am most thankful for my family at this time of year. I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones!


5 thoughts on ““Let’s Lick Her…!”

  1. It was so much splating you did you have fun too?You were covered in whip
    cream! And I still cant belive my two cousins my brother and me all got to
    splat our teachers. What are you doing for Halloween other than coming to
    school and teaching and dressing up I don’t know what to be.Any ideas?


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