Our Class Promise

At IREC, we believe in the 7 Habits as a guide for life at school and beyond. This year, each class is coming up with a promise or a mission statement that will be used to shape behavior choices and work habits throughout the year.

In 4Wa, we came up with our promise together. We thought about what is important at school, and decided on what we needed to do in order to have a fantastic Grade 4 year. Here is what we agreed on…. I think the students did a wonderful job!

We are leaders. We make good choices and lend a helping hand.

We are learners. We think and listen so we can understand.

                    We are friends. We are honest and kind to each other.

Our first art project is also a part of our class promise which will be posted in our classroom all year. We each created a design on our own handprint, to show our uniqueness and creativity. The hands represent how each of us has a part in making our classroom and our school a better place.

Your child has a copy of the class promise in his/her agenda. Please discuss the promise with your children to see what it means to them!


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