Off to a Great Start!

Our room may be crowded, but our smiles are bright in 4Wa. We have spent the first couple of days getting to know each other, and I have been delighted to discover that I will be spending the year with very thoughtful, inquisitive, well-behaved students. I am feeling lucky!

The students have been learning about Grade 4, and are very excited to take on some new leadership challenges. We have a great deal to look forward to… stay tuned to this blog for details. Check out our class in action below as we took on our first art project of the year.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just a reminder that Cross Country Running Club begins on Monday for interested students. Grade 3-4 will meet after school from 3:00 – 3:45, and Grade 1-2 will have their Fun Run Club (new this year) on Mondays at lunch recess. Let’s hope for a warm and sunny fall for our runners!


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