Super Sports Day!

Today, our class participated in IREC’s annual Sports Day. The students from IRJC, led by Mrs. Tennant, provided us a great day of fun, friendship, and fitness. Check out some of the photos of our “super sports” in Grade 4!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just a reminder…. some of us have another athletic event tomorrow. Nathan, Mitchell, Jaxson, Shelby, Caitlyn, and Damien are representing IREC as part of the relay team for the Bentley Fun Run Relay at Gull Lake. Each student will run 1km as part of a 4-person relay team. Good luck, runners!

Next Friday (June 8), all of the Grade 4 classes head to IRJC for the Grade 4-6 Track Meet. This is another fun athletic event that helps us all feel more comfortable and ready to make the step to a new school next year. Cross your fingers for good weather!

Please make sure that your child has proper OUTDOOR running shoes at school each day so that we can practice for these events during our PE classes. Thank you!


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