My Boogie Shoes

Today, 4Wa participated in the Spring Fling. We Macarena’d, Cupid Shuffled, Limboed, and Bunny Hopped through the gym, with a little Hokey Pokey and Cha Cha Slide thrown in for extra fun. We showed that we’ve got the moves like no other class, and we led the younger classes in an afternoon of fun.

Rock on, 4Wa!


2 thoughts on “My Boogie Shoes

  1. Hi Grade 4!

    I saw many smiles and giggles while you were dancing and I know you enjoyed yourselves. I had a lot of fun dancing too. Did you teach your parents these dances?

    🙂 Mrs. S.

  2. It was fun I wish it did not end so soon. I did not have to teach my mom the dances because she rememberd them from when she went to school and from weddings.

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