St. Patrick’s Day in 4Wa

We had a great green day in 4Wa! We all wore green, ate green, and had fun outside as the grass turned green!

Our blue reading group has been working hard on a St.Patrick’s day readers’ theatre with Mrs. Murdock. Their focus has been on reading fluency and accuracy. Click below to watch the video!

Untitled from Jen Walton on Vimeo.

Here’s how our actors felt about their experience….

 I felt nervous when I read my first part. Later then I wasn’t really nervous anymore. And I liked the story. By: Quintin

I felt kind of scared when I read my first part. After I felt better and I couldn’t wait until my next line.I liked the story because it tells a good lesson.By Michaela

I was nervous to be videoed and to show it  to our class.  It was fun to be leprechauns. I learned not to be a grumpy leprechaun.BY NATE

I was nervous about being in front of the camera but it was fun. by Shelby

I was excited to read because I was ready to read and say my lines clearly.  And I had a fun time doing it because it was so exciting and we all did good. We loved the play and hope to do another one.  By Hunter


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