Facts about Space by Jaden and Ethan

Truthfully this was a very fun project but it took a lot of searching on,computers,ipads, and books.In the end it was all worth the hard work.I think we couldn’t fit another fact on our poster it was so full of facts.By Jaden.

We had a hard time doing this it took a long time to do this project.We did not know about how big the ISS is. It is 51 m (167.3ft ) long! by Ethan

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6 thoughts on “Facts about Space by Jaden and Ethan

  1. Excellent job grade 4 W, exciting to see individual expressions of intrests.

    Well done

    I enjoyed learning so much on this project, an it is infinate what you can learn about Space.


  2. Good job Jaden and Ethan it looks like a fun project. I bet mrs.Walton leared alot of stuff from her students! good job once again From:Denise

    Good job Ethan and Jaden i loved you poster it had lots of information From:Rhyanna

  3. Nice to see that the children enjoyed doing the projects as much we enjoyed the results. Great job kids.
    -Jay Sykes-

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