Amazing Pyramid Project by Jaxson

When I started building I did’nt realy know how to make the pyramid but I googled how many sides were on them and my dad brought home a great big cardboard box. Then me and my dad traced a pretty large sized triangle and when we cut it out we used it as a tracer.The next step we taped the 4 sides together then cut out a bottom.Then when i started painting i used white,gold, and light brown.Next i used black wavy lines for the bricks.When i put in the mummy i did it before the hierogliphics so i knew how much hierogliphics i needed.When i was done i thought it was stressful takeing my time but it turned out really good.

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6 thoughts on “Amazing Pyramid Project by Jaxson

  1. I really think your pyramid was interesting and your hieroglyphics are cool! And you did good on your presentation. (By Mitchell)

  2. Great job Jaxson, I have never seen anything like it befor!! Ibet you worked very very hard, And then it all adds up to a great prsentation. ps.I loved your hieroglyphics

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