Terrific Times at the Tyrrell

The Grade 4’s had an amazing time at the Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller last week. We participated in two fabulous programs, and also had some time to explore this world-class facility. Each student had a chance to make their own cast fossil, and we also learned about the group of dinosaurs that are mistakenly called “raptors” thanks to the Jurassic Park movies. It was a day to remember!

Photo from Royal Tyrrell Museum website - WOW!

The students had a purpose on their fun learning day as well – they had to come up with a burning question that they wanted to find the answer to while at the museum. Most students were able to use their “detective” skills to search for their information in the gallery exhibits, and some asked an expert for help. Great work, Grade 4!

Please comment with your child below to answer the following question: What was the most interesting thing you learned on our Tyrrell Trip?

Click on the link below to see a short Animoto video of our memorable day!



17 thoughts on “Terrific Times at the Tyrrell

  1. looks as if you all had a great learning experience Grade Four..as well as fun! great video Mrs. Walton..I am impressed!

  2. Ashley says she loved everything at the museum but her absolute favorite was that the masdodon tooth looked like a whole bunch of teeth and realizing it was only one huge tooth!!

  3. well rhyanna said she just loved all of it i would had come but i had to work. it looked like it was fun and you must of had to some awesome kids and they must had been a wiggley bus trip 🙂 well great job grade 4`s and work hard for GH Dawe!!! haha

  4. Lily loved the part of the museum where you feel like you are under the sea looking at all the huge animals swimming above you! I thought that the relay race with the raptor leg the kids assembled looked like a ton of fun! Jaxson’s favorite part of the day at the museum was seeing the fish that had a head big enough to fit his whole head into! Its sounds like everyone had a fantastic day!

    Vicki Overacker

  5. I had a really fun time at the royal tyrrell museum. my favorite part was looking at the fosils.I had a great time there. thanks mrs.Walton a lot.

  6. Brianna had a wonderful day at the tyrell museum! she can`t wait to take her fossil cast home!her favorite part of it was seeing the men and women working on the fossils…and seeing giant worms!

  7. My favorite part was all the fossils and I Iiked making the castings of the fossils. The saber tooth tiger was great too.

  8. I really enjoyed the fossils and I liked making the fossil castings. I also liked the sabre tooth tiger. (Mitchell)

  9. The most interesting thing i learned was that there is another set of raptors. The bird raptors came before the dinosaur raptors. It was a really fun field trip. Thank you Mrs. Walton! (Michaela)

  10. I really had fun on the trip and my favorite part was when I learned the raptor was not the real name of the dinosaur but they are actually called dromeasaurs.

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