It’s almost Valentine’s Day!

This year, our class will be having a SUNDAE SPECTACULAR to celebrate on Tuesday, February 14. I will be providing vanilla ice cream, as well as chocolate and butterscotch sauce. Students may each bring some additional toppings for their spectacular sundaes; some ideas are sprinkles, small candies, or sliced fruit. Please do not send a large amount – just a small Ziploc bag with a few items your child might enjoy!

Often, students like to bring Valentine cards for their classmates. To avoid any hurt feelings, we must request that your child bring Valentines for ALL classmates, or none. Thank you for your understanding. A list of the students in this class is printed below to make sure no one is left out. If your child does not choose to bring any Valentines, that is fine too!

        Ashley                     Hunter                     Brianna

        Megan                     Jaden                      Caitlyn

        Nick                         Michaela                  Damien

        Sierra                       Ethan                       Reese

        Darian                      Rhyanna                  Brandon

        Bailey                      Jaxson                     Lily

        Timo                        Shelby                     Mitchell   

        Nathan                     Nate                        Quintin

        Mrs. Park                 Mrs. Walton

Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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