Celebrating our Differences

This week in class we read the picture book, Spork, by Kyo Maclear. It showcases a little utensil who doesn’t fit in with the spoons or the forks, and describes how he tries to hide his differences and pretend to be like everyone else. Eventually, Spork finds a situation where he is exactly right for the job, and is happy to be unique.

We talked about our own individual differences, and wrote about them in our journals as well. (Our prompt was: Explain how you are unique. If you’re not sure, think about what your mom might say!) THIS WEEK, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW WITH YOUR CHILD ABOUT ONE THING THAT MAKES THEM UNIQUE!

Check out our artwork below – we created our own sporks in Art!

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9 thoughts on “Celebrating our Differences

  1. we feel rhyanna is unique by the way she likes to make sure everyone is happy.she cares about ppl and waits to make them laugh even if that means she has to dress funny and do a little dance to make u smile 🙂

  2. Hey Grade Four! I loved your artwork which was as unique as all of you..someday I hope to meet you and maybe Mrs. Walton will let us do art “stuff” together 🙂

  3. I love hearing how all of you are unique. I think my mom would say I am unique because of my big heart (and sometimes my temper). She might also tell you I am unique because I used to read while riding my bike to school, can you believe that!?!

  4. Michaela’s uniqueness comes from her caring soul. She also has a big heart that engulfs people when they are having a bad day and makes them feel better with her hugs.

  5. what makes brianna unique is her art and loyalness. she always makes time for family and friends. by the way, great sporks everyone! they are so cute.

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