What do you do when it gets cold? ART!

Art is really not my thing. My classes know that it is not a talent of mine, but I truly love to see my students being engaged, excited, and creative. We have tackled several great projects in January, especially during this last week of frigid weather.

Our class is really lucky. If I need to away from the class, we usually have a fantastic substitute teacher! Her name is Mrs. Squire, and she keeps us happy, keeps us learning, and always comes up with a fabulous project. Thank you, Mrs. Squire!

We created our own version of Robert Delaunay’s  Rhythm, Joie de Vivre using oil pastels. These beautiful works of art are on display in our classroom, and are helping to make the cold dreary days of January a little brighter.

Click on the link below if you would like to see Delaunay’s version of this project, or to learn more about this abstract artist.


Check out the slideshow of our finished pieces from January. Our art work is getting a lot of compliments around the school!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Important note: Your child may be joining the circus…. Our winter carnival has been rescheduled to January 31 due to cold weather. We are hoping that Mother Nature will cooperate this time. Students from IRJC will be coming to lead us in winter fitness events with a Circus theme. Do you think there will be elephants? 😉


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