It’s Portfolio Time!

On Thursday, November 24 your child will be bringing home a portfolio. This binder full of goodies is a great showcase of some of the work we have done so far. You will see work from every subject area, and there will be some testing results in there as well. Students should be able to tell you what they were learning with each activity, and will likely have an opinion about which activities were favorites.

Please set aside some time to look at the portfolio with your child. (They have been instructed NOT to leave it with you while they go watch TV!) Use the pamphlet in the front of the binder to guide your discussion, and set a reasonable goal with your child for the remainder of the term.

Portfolios are a work in progress, so we would like them back at school by Thursday, December 1 so we can keep adding more of our work and show you more learning! Thanks for your help. Please feel free to leave a comment below about the portfolio sharing process….

Mrs. Walton


2 thoughts on “It’s Portfolio Time!

  1. I know that our 4W students are proud of their portfolios, and so you should be. Your portfolios show your growth as a learner. I know all of you have made so many gains already. I would really like to have a few students show me your portfolios when you have brought them back to school.

    Mr. W.

  2. rhyannas review was awesome i am very proud of her you do a very good job teaching my kid thanks jen 🙂

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