Geocaching – WHAT A DAY!

Today my class went geocaching. My dad (Mr. Eggleton) and my little brother came to lead us! We put out 7 new geocaches in Blackfalds. You can try to find them by looking at I love geocaching because when you have nothing to do, you can just log in the coordinates and go find one! There are many within walking distance of our school. Try it – you might like it! (by Michaela)

Lily – I learned that geocaches can come in all different sizes.

Ashley – Geocaches need to be at least 110m apart.

Timo – Geocaching is hard work!

Caitlyn – You can’t put a geocache on the road, or it might get run over!

Jaxson – Be careful in the trees – when you push away a branch, hold it so it won’t hit the next person!

Mitchell – You need to separate caches by 100m so it won’t be as easy to find the next one. It will be more fun!

Nate – Little kids can go geocaching too!

Damien – You can put geocaches in little spots, like in a tube!

Brianna – The caches are not always huge. Little ones are called microcaches.

Bailey – NEVER move a geocache. 

Nick – If you hide it well enough, people who are just walking by will not see it and wreck it!

Megan – Cache in, trash out means…. you should pick up trash while you are geocaching to help the environment.

Hunter – I learned to read the coordinate numbers off the GPS.

Ethan – Geocaches have to be far apart.

Sierra – Geocaches have to be hidden really well or else ANYONE would be able to find them!

Nathan – Make sure the geocaches are not too high, or people can’t reach them!

Reese – You need to hide it an a place where people won’t step on it or wreck it by accident. Don’t put smelly stuff in it, or animals might take it, wreck it, or choke on it!

Quintin – A geocache looks farther away on the map than it really is.

Darian – Geocaches can be put in holes, or sometimes spots that are really hard to find.

Mrs. Walton – I learned that my class can learn from new experiences, and so can I! Thank you to the Eggleton family for this opportunity. We will be “Seeking” other caches around Blackfalds as the school year goes on. We will check our caches periodically to see if anyone has visited and also to make sure they are still in great shape.

Remember – if you would like to try this fun family activity, go to:

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6 thoughts on “Geocaching – WHAT A DAY!

  1. Hi Grade 4,

    What a super fun outdoor activity!! Thank you for your informative posts. I learned a lot about geocaching. I hope you try it with your family!

    🙂 Mrs. Schlemko

  2. Supper conversation tonight was all about geocaching! Dad had so much fun and I am sorry I missed it 😦 Looking forward to going to find the caches. Sounds like you guys did a great job. Michaela will not give any hints though! Glad we could participate and introduce something we enjoy.

  3. that looks like alot of fun rhyanna could not had been there but she thinks i would had been fun good jos 🙂

  4. Brianna says,”i had so much fun i can’t wait to find some different ones!”she hasn’t stop reminding me to go look!

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