Lest We Forget

On Friday, November 4 we took the time to remember the soldiers of the past and present who have given their lives in pursuit of our freedom. It was a solemn and respectful ceremony.

In Art class we created poppies showcasing the names of all Canadians who have died in the war in Afghanistan. You can still see some of these poppies in our classroom or on display at the bank.

Grade 4 Remembers You

We also had some students participate in the ceremony. Nate and Hunter represented our class with the Cub Scouts.

4Wa Cubs

Bailey and Jaden were 2 of 6 Grade 4 students who recited “Mark’s First Poppy”, which is a terrific reminder of the symbolism of the poppy and why we wear one on Remembrance Day. Terrific reading, Jaden and Bailey!

Jaden and Bailey









3 thoughts on “Lest We Forget

  1. rhyanna said that the perfomance was very good and almost made her crie lol but she felt bad for the man and woman that had die in war like her great great grandpa 😦

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