Terry Fox Rocks!

Terry Fox, Canadian hero

Today, IREC enjoyed quite a memorable day of running, fun, and friendship. Together we have already raised more than $3600 for cancer research, and we pushed ourselves to new limits today. It all started with a beautiful sunrise, crisp autumn air, and a sense of excitement in the hallways. Students set goals and succeeded their own expectations – one student in our class ran 21km today, the equivalent of a half marathon! It’s amazing to think that Terry Fox ran double that distance each day during his Marathon of Hope. I am proud of our attempt to keep the spirit of Terry Fox alive and to run for an important cause.

We ran together, we cheered each other on, and we inspired each other. What a way to spend a day  – leading, learning, and laughing!

Here are some thoughts from our 4Wa students after our Terry Fox experience….

Megan says… “The Terry Fox run was great.”
Hunter says… “It was AMAZING. I feel tired but super good too!”
Mitchell says…” FUN – the Terry Fox run was the best part of the day.”
Reese says, “Today was fun, especially the Terry Fox Run!”
Caitlyn says. “It was fun. It wasn’t hard because I practiced running a lot.”
Rhyanna says, “It was AWESOME!”
Timo says… “It was fun because I like running.”
Nate says… “Running a lot was fun!”
Lily says… “Running club was cool. I had a good time and I ran hard.”
Quintin says… “It was really cool to be part of that.”
Shelby says… “MAGNIFICENT!”
Darian says… “Pretty awesome – Hard sometimes but worth it.”
Damien says… “It was awesome to get fit.”
Micheala says, “It was really really really awesome.”
Nathan says… It was awesome – I ran better than ever before.”
Jaxson says… “I am feeling good because that was the farthest I have ever run. I never felt sick, and everyone tried their hardest.”
Chase says… “I liked it because it was fun running.”
Bailey says… “It was good to run in the field!”
Ashley says… “it was WICKED!”
Brianna says…”I know how Terry Fox felt, running through some pain. It was still fun!”
Mrs. Walton says… “On days like today, I am incredibly proud to be a teacher at IREC. We know how to work together and accomplish great things!”

Click HERE to check out a video from today!


4 thoughts on “Terry Fox Rocks!

  1. Wow, IREC and 4Wa you were an inspiration to all. You set goals, reached your goals and made a difference to the world. Keep up the great work.

    Always remember that you matter and are making a difference every day!

  2. Great job IREC and 4W. Terry Fox proved that one person can make a difference. IREC and 4W have proved that we could make a difference by getting our school involved in Terry’s mission. I am so glad we are able to keep Terry’s vision. It is amazing what can happen when we all join forces, we can make anything happen! Mr. W.

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